Tball IS fun!

Tball is a baseball game for very young kids.  The age for players can be as young as 3 adn can go up to age 7 or 8 depending on the league.  Tball can be alot of fun for both the players and the coaches.  The goal of tball is to have fun and learn the fundamentals of playing baseball.
Tball players are full of excitement and energy.  The only way to accomplish these goals is through organized practices.  Practice must include drills that keep the kids interested and active so they don’t have time to lose focus which leads to picking flowers, playing in the dirt and goofing off.  All of those things are natural for kids this age but they can do that after practice.

Tball is often one of the first team sports that children play.  Because of this, there’s a very high level of adult involvement.  This site will help parents, grandparents, coaches, and anyone else involved with a tball team.

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